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  • What is your favorite IT/SDLC Project Management software?

    Asked by Lizette Velini Lizette Velini is a 3rd degree contact | 1 month ago in Software Development, Project Management | Open

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    “First of all, each organization has different IT integration and requirements, so you will never find a tool that will work well for all. Having said that, I use an open source tool called dotProject. dotProject is fairly simple to use and install, yet pretty complex in its features and best of all, it’s free. Although I am not currently utilizing all the features of dotProject, the top pros and cons I see in this tool thus far are the following: Pros 1) web-based portal 2) Combines CRM, PM and Issue Management features all in one tool 3) Highly Customizable Cons 1) Less than desirable out of the box look and feel 2) Some screens seem to be overly cumbersome 3) Lack of time logging feature”

  • We feel like we’re seeing an unusual dip in conversion on our site the last couple of months, is anyone aware of any browser or other outside issues that have been impacting the user experience?

    Asked by Mike Crowdes | 1 month ago in Web Development | Open

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    “In the eagerness to quickly overcome issues, it is often tempting to instantly put the blame on one area or another. An unusual dip in conversion could be almost anything. It may be a result of recent change in database, site, network or even marketing campaigns. On the other hand, it could also be Google’s new Chrome web browser. This is where the efforts of your QA department in concert with configuration management and other departments go along way to systematically and quickly identify the problem.”

  • We are considering changing our website format and I wanted to know if anyone has experience with building a website with WordPress. What was your experience? Would you recommend this? Do you have any tips for doing it through WordPress?

    Asked by Amanda Knapp | 1 month ago in Web Development, Computers and Software | Closed

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    “Wordpress is a great content managemenet tool for those who are low on resources and want to get up and running pretty quickly. It’s intuitive and there are many free themes and plugins available for it. The biggest drawback I have with it is the site load time although I was able to do some optimization by commenting out some unnecessary componenents. I would also recommend you look at Joomla and Drupal if you haven’t already as they may suit your needs better. As with anything, I would recommend making frequent backups of your work as you may find yourself wanting to revert back.”

  • What are best practices for Paging,Sorting,Grouping and Filtering data on large Grids?

    Asked by Ophir Kra-Oz Ophir Kra-Oz is a 3rd degree contact | 1 month ago in Enterprise Software, Software Development | Open

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    “These are all good questions as the answers require a fine balance between usability and performance. * Is sorting within a page or global I seldom see intra-page sorting, so I think the user expectation is generally global sorting. * Should pagination be done on server or client side * Performance and Usability consideration The answer depends on many variables: 1) Are you using global sorting? 2) Limitation of server throughput, 3) Expected user peak growth, 4) The size of the display set, 5) The size of the total return set, 6) Expected user experience, etc. Trips to server may be very costly and you want to generally avoid them; however, if you have abundance in server throughput for now and the future and as long as the max size of data returned does not exceed around 100k, paginate at the client. Otherwise, paginate at the server side. Make sure you do proper planning as 100k may not seem a lot for a few simultaneous connections; however when your load increases exponentially, so will the required throughput causing a commonly seen bottleneck on the database server.”

  • What is the most professional unbiased detailed comprehensive technical website for comparing home electronics ?

    Asked by Pierrick Jaouen 赵文 Pierrick Jaouen  赵文 is a 3rd degree contact | September 4, 2007 in E-Commerce, Interface Design | Closed

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    “For good reviews, some of the shopping websites like and come to mind. On a personal note, I tend to trust the user reviews more than the editorial reviews. For the best unbiased professional reviews, I recommend you look into; however, you may need to subscribe to see most of the product reviews. The advantage to this site over others is you will get a professional and completely unbiased review. Consumer Reports does not profit from advertising in any way and are not associated with any product manufacturer. Their profits are derived strictly from subscribers (consumers).”

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