Professional Experience

  • Established a process for release, issue management and tracking
  • Managed and installed company’s first international caching pop
  • Successfully managed and fulfilled CDN projects totaling over $3 million in annual revenue
  • Managed development of custom projects using Agile Methodologies
  • Reviewed systems designs and offered performance and user experience recommendations
  • Provided recommendations on network architecture enhancements to maintain availability
  • Designed, configured and troubleshot SQL Server database systems
  • Developed SQL and TSQL stored procedures with performance and user experience in mind
  • Trained new employees on QA process, requirements, CVS and shell scripts
  • Architected and designed solution for media clip processing and storage on remote servers
  • Performed statistical analysis on database table population to plan for expansions
  • Oversaw the design, expansion and maintenance of the ad technology system
  • Setup testing Architecture using Segue’s Silktest tool

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